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'''Action Items to be completed for CTO workshop:'''
'''Action Items to be completed for CTO workshop:'''

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Action Items to be completed for CTO workshop:

  • Simona, Cristain, others will come up with some good use cases for the CTO. Ask Alan Ruttenberg for use case
  • Create a new OWL file for the CTO and import OBI into this file (Trish/Jamie)
  • Work on fleshing out CTO branches. Don't worry about too much detail. Just a couple levels down from the main term will be sufficient to illustrate the direction we are going in.
    • Jim - Study design
    • Simona - Roles
    • Richard/Jamie - Protocol
  • Deadline for getting branches into the CTO OWL file is COB Monday, May 14. Remember to follow Check-out policy for OWL file.
  • Generate some graphics of the main branches and how they fit into the OBI for the CTO workshop presentation (Jamie)

Other Action Items:

  • Summary descriptions and re-organization of the various term lists on the wiki (Jamie)
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