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Friday March 24 2006

Session I: Barry Smith (Moderator)

 9am Basic Principles of Ontology Design
 10.30pm Coffee
 11am Towards an Ontology for the Imaging Domain
 12.30pm Lunch

Session II: Daniel Rubin (Moderator)

 2pm RadLex, Ontologies and Terminologies in Radiology
 (with brief presentations from RadLex and DICOM)
 3.30pm Coffee
 4pm Ontologies and Reasoning with Radiological Image Data

Saturday March 25 2006

Session III: Werner Ceusters and Suzanna Lewis (Moderators)

 9am Towards Interoperability of Ontologies: Presentations from Image Ontology groups
 10.30-11am Coffee
 11am How to Align Image Ontologies
 12.30pm Lunch

Session IV: Ivo Dinov and Barry Smith (Moderators)

 2pm Towards an Ontology of Imaging Tools and Data
 Presentations from NCBC Image Groups on Available Resources and Needs for Tool/Data Registry
 3.30 Coffee
 4pm How to Realize Identified Needs: Ontology vs. Yellow Pages