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Friday and Saturday March 24-25, 2006

Session I: How to Build an Ontology

Barry Smith (Moderator)

9:00am Basic Principles of Ontology Design

10:30am Coffee

11:00am Towards an Ontology for the Imaging Domain

12:30pm Lunch

Session II: Imaging Terms and Relations

Daniel Rubin (Moderator)

1:30pm Participant self-introductions

2:00pm RadLex, Ontologies and Terminologies in Radiology (with brief presentations from RadLex and DICOM)

3:30pm Coffee

4:00pm Relations and Reasoning in Image Ontologies

Session III: Interoperability

Werner Ceusters and Suzanna Lewis (Moderators)

9:00am Towards Interoperability of Ontologies: Presentations from Image Ontology groups

10:30am Coffee

11:00am How to Align Image Ontologies

12:30pm Lunch

Session IV: Imaging Tools and Data

Ivo Dinov and Barry Smith (Moderators)

1:30pm Towards an Ontology of Imaging Tools and Data

Presentations from NCBC Image Groups on Available Resources and Needs for Tool/Data Registry

3:30pm Coffee

4:00pm How to Realize Identified Needs: Ontology vs. Yellow Pages