BioPortal 2.0.2 (Label 1006) Release Notes

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We have completed a production release of BioPortal 2.0.2 (labeled “1006”). Here is the list of new features and resolved issues.

New Features

  • Display of preferred name versus id for ontology terms in the Details tab as well as Visualization tab
  • Ability to search on synonyms
  • Ontology upload - ability to specify field used for preferred name and synonym
  • Search box to find ontology of interest

Bugs Fixes

  • Bug #834: Resources tab hangs when the term is not associated with any resources
  • Bug #831: Re-name Marginal Notes to Notes on Browse page
  • Bug #821: Visualization displays ID
  • Bug #819: Duplication of version info
  • Bug #817: Name of terms in visualization panel does not match tree hierarchy
  • Bug #802: Ontology 32939 status ID need to be changed
  • Bug #794: OBI labels not fixed consistently in Visualization tab
  • Bug #789: Additional text needed for Feedback page
  • Bug #742: Project tabs doesn't work
  • Bug #741: Cell type to FMA mappings crash
  • Bug #717: For OWL ontologies, need to use the label and not the id when displaying a concept
  • Bug #709: Additional inverse relationships gets introduced for OBO ontologies (has subclass and has part)