BioPortal 2.0.2 (Label 1012) Release Notes

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We have completed a production release of BioPortal 2.0.3 (labeled “1012”). Here is the list of new features and resolved issues.

New Features

  • Bug #857: Ontology Abbreviation in the Browse List
  • Bug #856: Sortable columns in the Browse List
  • Bug #855: Categories in the Main Browse List
  • Bug #854: Short description of each ontology in the Browse List
  • Bug #853: Removing Species of OWL (e.g., -FULL, -DL, etc) from the Browse List
  • Bug #842: Add link to bioportal-announce mailing list
  • Bug #830: We need to add explanation on the difference between "Upload" and "Remote" in "Submit New Ontology" Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #864: Loading GO (biological process) is failing
  • Bug #790: FlexViz list of ontologies to search is not filtered to exclude remote ontologies
  • Bug #847: Don't show empty parenthesis if there is no abbreviation; same for tooltip
  • Bug #832: Categories is still listed as an item, but no textfield
  • Bug #710: Arrow in FlexView pointing the wrong way
  • Bug #720: The subclass_of is not showing up in the Visualization tab for OWL ontologies
  • Bug #608: Searching for exact match fails to give back any result
  • Bug #837: label for relation type - propose use of subClassOf instead of has subclass
  • Bug #578: Link to Protege home page
  • Bug #834: Resources tab hangs when the term is not associated with any resources
  • Bug #685: Possible corrupted mapping
  • Bug #831: Re-name Marginal Notes to Notes on Browse page
  • Bug #649: Search needs to be ordered by ranking
  • Bug #463: "log in" link still appears after signing in...
  • Bug #474: BIRNLex "Exploring Unavailable"