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BioPortal Mapping Types

There are mappings of the following types in BioPortal:

  • identical, the same : owl:sameAs
    • Definition (from OWL): owl:sameAs is used to state that two URI references refer to the same individual
  • exact match: skos:exactMatch
    • Definition (from SKOS): The property skos:exactMatch is used to link two concepts, indicating a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used interchangeably across a wide range of information retrieval applications. skos:exactMatch is a transitive property, and is a sub-property of skos:closeMatch.
  • close match: skos:closeMatch
    • Definition (from SKOS): The property skos:closeMatch is used to link two concepts that are sufficiently similar that they can be used interchangeably in some information retrieval applications. In order to avoid the possibility of "compound errors" when combining mappings across more than two concept schemes, skos:closeMatch is not declared to be a transitive property.
  • related (but not necessarily similar): rdfs:seeAlso
    • Definition (from RDFS): The property rdfs:seeAlso specifies a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource.
  • homologous to (for anatomical terms): not defined yet
    • Definition: The property links two anatomical terms from different species that refer to terms that have a common ancestor (evolutionary derived form a common ancestor).