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This page documents the signatures for NCBO (and, more specifically, BioPortal) REST services. This list may not be exhaustive.
NCBO BioPortal v4.0 REST services are documented at: http://data.bioontology.org/documentation
'''Note''': ''Signatures for BioPortal services have changed in BioPortal 2.0.4 release on January 13th, 2009. This page has the new service URLs. If you have any questions, please contact [mailto:bioontology-support@lists.stanford.edu BioPortal Support].''
The '''prefix''' for all service URLs in the table below is http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/
== List all the latest version of ontologies ==
* '''Signature''': ./ontologies
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/ontologies
==  Find a specific ontology based on a version id ==
* '''Signature''':  ./ontologies/{ontology version id}
* '''Example''':  http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/ontologies/39002
==  Find all versions of an ontology form a virtual ontology id ==
* '''Signature''':./virtual/{virtual ontology id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/virtual/1104
==  Download an ontology file ==
* '''Description''': Download the file (.obo, .owl) corresponding to the given ontology version ID.
* '''Signature''':  ./ontologies/download/{ontology version id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/ontologies/download/39002
==  Get version ids based on a virtual ontology id ==
* '''Signature''': ./ontologies/versions/{ontology id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/ontologies/versions/1104
==  Get latest version of an ontology id ==
* '''Signature''':  ./virtual/{ontology_id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/virtual/1104
==  Get concept id ==
* '''Signature''': ./concepts/{ontology version id}/{concept id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/concepts/39002/BRO:Resource
==  Get all root concepts for an ontology id ==
* '''Signature''': ./concepts/{ontology version id}/root
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/concepts/39002/root
==  Search for concepts id ==
* '''Signature''':  ./search/concepts/{query>?ontologies={ids}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/search/concepts/cancer?ontologies=13578,38312
==  Get concept for latest ontology version id ==
* '''Signature''': ./virtual/{ontology id}/{concept id}
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/virtual/1104/BRO:Resource
==  Search BioPortal ==
* '''Signature''': ./search/{query}[?{optional args}]
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/search/Gene
* You can use multiple query terms, separated by a space, for example: [http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/search/lung%20disease http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/search/lung disease]
* '''Optional arguments:'''
** ontologyids=<ontologyid>,<ontologyid>… - limits the search to specific ontologies (default: all ontologies)
** isexactmatch=[1/0] – match the entire concept name (default: 0)
** includeproperties=[1/0] – include attributes in the search (default: 0)
** pagesize=<pagesize> - the number of results to display in a single request (default: all)
** pagenum=<pagenum> - the page number to display (pages are calculated using <total results>/<pagesize>) (default: 1)
** '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/search/software/?ontologyid=39002&isexactmatch=1
==  List all ontology categories id ==
* '''Signature''':  ./categories
* '''Example''': http://rest.bioontology.org/bioportal/categories

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NCBO BioPortal v4.0 REST services are documented at: http://data.bioontology.org/documentation