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A 3-day NCBO ontology tutorial and dissemination event is tentative planned for spring 2012.  
'''Day 0 Introduction to Ontology for Non-Experts (tutorial)'''
'''Day 1 Major Ontology Initiatives within the CTSA Consortium'''
:Chris Chute (Mayo): Data Governance and Normalization within the Mayo Clinic Enterprise
:Jessica Tennenbaum (Duke): Remarks on Genetics Ontologies 
:William Hogan (Arkansas) and Werner Ceusters (Buffalo): Referent Tracking and Demographic Data Ontology
:Shawn Murphy (Partners): i2b2-Specific Ontologies
:Richard Scheuermann and Lindsay Cowell (Dallas): Building an Ontology-Based Clinical Data Warehouse
:Possibly also: OCRe (for clinical research), Permissions Ontology (for consent; owned by Jihad Obeid at Medical University of South Carolina)
'''Day 2 Morning: EHR, Ontology and Interoperability'''
:Presentations by EHR vendors
:Rob Wynden (UCSF): The Health Ontology Mapper (HOM).
*Day 3 Afternoon: Next Steps
:How can we measure the value brought by ontology-based approaches?
:How can we ensure high-quality and high-value approaches?
:How can we promote a consistent approach across the CTSA consortium?

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