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(Conference Dial In Instructions for UK)
(Alternate Dial In for UK (if above doesn't work))
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==Alternate Dial In for UK (if above doesn't work)==
==Alternate Dial In for UK (if above doesn't work)==
*1. Dial: 0-800-96-9130
*Presently no alternative available
*2. Enter: 78076426
*3. Enter Conference Entry Code: 53029 (followed by the # key)
If you experience problems connecting, please call LINK Conference Service at 1.800.756.8280.
If you will be calling in from somewhere outside of US, Canada or UK, please contact me to arrange for a toll-free dial in number.

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[edit] Conference Dial In Instructions (All Countries)

  • 1. Dial: 1.218.486.1600 (NOT Toll Free, Everyone pays long distance charges) This uses account with www.freeconference.com
  • 2. Enter Entry Code: 831986 (followed by the # key)

[edit] Conference Dial In Instructions for UK

  • See previous section

[edit] Alternate Dial In for UK (if above doesn't work)

  • Presently no alternative available
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