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The NCBO Virtual Machine Image contains a pre-installed, pre-configured version of commonly used NCBO software. The image was created using VMWare and is available for download from NCBO ADD_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION_HERE.
The following software is included on the image:
* BioPortal Ontology Services (BioPortal Core)
* BioPortal Web User Interface (including ontology visualization, Flex widgets, Annotator and Resource Index UIs)
* BioPortal Admin (a UI for administering BioPortal Ontology Services)
* Annotator
* Resource Index
Please see below for how-to documentation for managing the software and running data population for Annotator and Resource Index.
== Getting Started ==
* The default hostname for the machine is ncbobioportal
* '''Change default passwords'''
** Operating System
*** Username: <code>root</code>
*** Password: <code>changemeNOW</code>
** BioPortal Admin User
*** Username: <code>admin</code>
*** Password: <code>changeme</code>
* Add an ontology using the BioPortal Admin User here: http://ncbobioportal/ontologies/new
** BioPortal Ontology Services will automatically process new ontologies every hour at 30 minutes past the hour. This processing includes:
*** Parsing any new, unparsed ontologies
*** Calculating a set of metrics for these ontologies
*** Indexing these ontologies for use with search
* Parsing, indexing, metrics calculation, and ontology deletion can all be manually triggered or re-triggered using the BioPortal Admin user interface, which is available here: http://ncbobioportal/bioportal_admin

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