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== Related Events ==
== Related Events ==
'''July 19, 2006'''
[http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ahm2006/ncbo_dissemination.htm Ontology: A Vision for the Future and Its Realization], National Institutes of Health NCBC All-Hands Meeting, Bethesda MD.
'''[[Related Events 2006]]'''
*[[Media:Musen AHM Dissemination Event.pdf|Musen Slides]]
*[http://obofoundry.org/Smith_OBOFoundry_071906.ppt Smith Slides]
'''August 6, 2006'''
[http://ismb2006.cbi.cnptia.embrapa.br/ Keynote Address by Suzanna Lewis], ISMB 2006.
*[[Media:Lewis ISMB 2006 Keynote CSB.pdf|Lewis Slides]]
'''August 15, 2006'''
[http://www.lifesciencessociety.org/CSB2006/Abstracts/musenAbstract.pdf Keynote Address by Mark Musen], CSB 2006, Stanford 1:30-2:30pm.
*[[Media:Musen Keynote CSB.pdf|Musen Slides]]
'''August 27, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/MIE_Tutorial.htm Tutorial on Standards and Ontologies], Medical Informatics Europe, Maastricht, Netherlands.
'''October 14-15, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/pob Workshop on Philosophy of Biology], Buffalo.
'''October 25, 2006'''
How to Build an Ontology. Tutorial by Barry Smith at NCBO project meeting
*[[Media:BarrySmithTutorialNCBO.ppt | Smith Slides]]
*Windows Media Player: rtsp://stream.buffalo.edu/shared/research/phismith/Stanford10-25-06/Tutorial.WMV
*RealOne Player Streaming Video: rtsp://stream.buffalo.edu/shared/research/phismith/Stanford10-25-06/Tutorial.rm
'''November 8, 2006'''
[http://www.imbi.uni-freiburg.de/medinf/kr-med-2006/index.html Biomedical Ontology in Action], KR-MED 2006, Baltimore.
'''November 11, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/Biomedical_Imaging_Ontologies.pdf Biomedical Imaging Ontologies], AMIA, Washington DC
'''November 12, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/AMIAWorkshop.htm Genomics Knowledge Representation for Clinical Trials], AMIA, Washington DC
ISWC Workshop, Pathway Knowledge Base, Presentation by Nigam Shah
*[[Media:Nigam-PKB.ppt|Shah Slides]]
'''November 14, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/panel.htm Panel on the Future of HL7], AMIA, Washington, 3.30-5.00pm.
*[http://www.org.buffalo.edu/RTU/papers/HL7-AMIA2006.ppt Ceusters Slides]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/AMIA_06_Audio/Ceusters.WMA Ceusters Audio]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/hl7/AMIA_06.ppt Smith Slides]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/AMIA_06_Audio/Smith.WMA Smith Audio]
AMIA Workshop, Formal Structuring of Genomics Knowledge, Presentations by Nigam Shah and Barry Smith
*[[Media:Nigam1.ppt|Shah Slides]]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/ontology/medo/ClinicalTrialOntology/AMIA_Genome_Nov06.ppt Smith Slides]
Ontology-Driven Annotation of TMA Data, AMIA Presentation by Nigam Shah
*[[Media:Nigam2.ppt|Shah Slides]]
AMIA Tutorial on Ontologies by Mark Musen
*[[Media:Musen-AMIA2006.ppt|Musen Slides]]
'''November 20-21, 2006'''
BioPAX Tutorial. [http://biopaxwiki.org/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/SmithWorkshopInformation exploratory workshop and tutorial] on '''Connecting BioPAX to Other Biomedical Ontologies''' at MIT.
'''December 21, 2006'''
Ontolog Forum Talk by Barry Smith on [http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRW3 Ontology Evaluation in Biomedicine]: The OBO Foundry -- A Gold Standard Approach to Ontology Evaluation.
*[http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRWB Smith Slides]
*[http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRWQ Smith Audio]
'''January 29, 2007'''
'''January 29, 2007'''

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NCBO Dissemination Core

What follows is a list of events organized under the auspices of the NCBO's Dissemination Core (PI: Barry Smith), together with information pertaining to events relevant to the NCBO's mission.


Workshops 2006

May 16-17, 2007

Workshop on Clinical Trial Ontology, Bethesda, MD

June 20-23, 2007

Training Course on Logical and Computational Tools for Biomedical Ontology Development, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.

July 21, 2007

Ontologies for Biomedicine – How to make and use them, Tutorial by Barry Smith and Nigam Shah at ISMB 2007

Related Events

Related Events 2006

January 29, 2007

Overview presentation of GO, NCBO, Phenotypes, and OBO Foundry by Suzi Lewis at the Ontologies for Biomedical Investigation Workshop, San Diego, CA