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* [http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/qsr/pub/kr89.pdf Mereotopology of Phagocytosis and Exocytosis]
* [http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/qsr/pub/kr89.pdf Mereotopology of Phagocytosis and Exocytosis]
* [http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/qsr/pub/AAAI92.ps Qualitative Simulation of Phagocytosis]
* [http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/qsr/pub/AAAI92.ps Qualitative Simulation of Phagocytosis]
* [http://www.phidias.us Pathogen-host interaction data integration and analysis system]

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New Email List

Please subscribe to the Infectious Disease Ontology email list. Anyone can subscribe, and anyone can email the list. We plan to use the email list to discuss the addition of new terms and proposed changes to the current ontology. To subscribe, visit https://lists.duke.edu/sympa/. To email the list, write to ido@duke.edu.

Bare Beginnings of an Infectious Disease Ontology

At the recent Infectious Disease Ontology Workshop (see below), we began preliminary work on a draft infectious disease ontology. OBO edit and Protege OWL versions of the ontology are available for download. Please send comments and suggestions to ido@duke.edu.

Accessible data to test the ontology, existing ontologies of related interest can be found here: Toolbox

Infectious Disease Ontology Kick-off Workshop (September 19 - 20, 2007) and Meeting (September 21, 2007)

The Infectious Disease Ontology Workshop (see link below under "Past Meetings") was intended to be both a training workshop for participants and a forum through which to establish a community for development, maintenance, and use of the Infectious Disease Ontology (IDO).

Workshop Slides September 19, 2007

Meeting Slides

Recommended Background Reading

Software Downloads

Past Meetings

September 21, 2007

September 19-20, 2007

November 6-7, 2006


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