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The upcoming Infectious Disease Ontology Workshop (see link below under "Meetings") is intended to be both a training workshop for participants and a forum through which we can establish a community for development, maintenance, and use of the Infectious Disease Ontology (IDO). The current agenda for the workshop can be viewed here.

In preparation for the workshop, we have prepared a draft infectious disease ontology and hope that workshop attendees will take time to comment on the ontology in advance of the workshop using the discussion page of this wiki. The ontology can be viewed here.

Recommended Background Reading



September 19-20, 2007

September 21, 2007

Past Meetings

November 6-7, 2006

Chris Mungall: DO and the OBO Foundry [Slides Audio


Disease Main Page.

I’ve added the most recent version of my Infectious Disease Ontology to the site, to the page.

The OBO file for my infectious disease ontology is also available on my FTP site at:

And it can be queried via a web page at the Gemina web page at:

I thought it might be useful for your students to view the work that’s been done in the field thus far.

I was looking at your two day course and you mentioned that you would be putting together a disease ontology and

looking at a Tuberculosis example.

      I queried my Gemina site, to see how extensively we had covered this disease: we currently have 48 nodes for Tuberculosis
      in our ontology.

We haven’t curated Tuberculosis to any great extent yet, as our work has focused on diseases associated, thus far, with 

the category A-C pathogens. I hope that our site might be useful for your course.

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