Introduction and Applications of Bio-Ontologies

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The National Center for Biomedical Ontology will hold an Introduction and Application of Bio-Ontologies tutorial as part of its series of training and dissemination events.

Venue: Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford University

Date: Tutorial: March 15, 2012

Organization: Barry Smith (NCBO / Buffalo), Trish Whetzel (NCBO / Stanford University), and Nigam Shah (NCBO / Stanford University)

Registration: Please write to Barry Smith

Audience: Some background in bioinformatics or medical informatics is required. No knowledge of ontology is presupposed.


  • 1:00pm What is an ontology and what is it useful for? (Barry Smith)

This section will provide an introduction to biomedical ontology with a focus on illustrations of success stories in the application of ontologies to supporting specific kinds of research.

  • 2:30pm NCBO Web Services and Development of Semantic Applications (Trish Whetzel)

This section will describe NCBO technologies to support the use of ontologies in your research.

  • 4:00pm Use of ontologies in biomedical research (Nigam Shah)