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Welcome to the NCBO Public WIKI. This WIKI provides information about collaborative ontology development efforts, dissemination events conducted by the NCBO and publically shared materials from the NCBO. Please visit our Main Site for more information and materials.

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User Support Documentation

Ontology Development Area

Below are wikis for some of the current OBO ontologies. Each wiki is housed on the wiki, in its own partition (wikispace) of the main wiki

Note that each ontology lives in its own wikispace which corresponds to the OBO:IDSpace of that ontology. Note for wiki editors: all wiki pages that are to be considered local to a particular ontology should be prefixed with that IDSpace.

Research projects and Prototypes

  • RDF Triple Stores - Notes, learning and how-tos regarding uploading data to various triple stores (Nipun Bhatia)
  • Path to Root - Project for consuming the path to root and other OBS rest services (Nipun Bhatia)
  • PURL Server - Instructions on how to set-up a PURL server and create Master-Slave architecture for redundancy (Nipun Bhatia)
  • Ontology Recommender Web service - Documentation & information about the NCBO Ontology Recommender (Clement Jonquet)
  • Annotation Summarizer - Project utilizing OBS REST services to derive information from datasets referencing ontologies in BioPortal (Rob Tirrell)
  • Lexicon Builder - Project for creating a service that allows building of custom lexicons from bioportal ontologies. (Gautam Parai)
  • Medline Analysis - Project for applying natural language processing methods on Medline to analyze the frequency and syntactic type distribution of ontology terms. (Rong Xu)
  • MetaMap Installation - Project to install a custom MetaMap using the NCBO data in order to integrate it in the Annotator Web service workflow. (Tejaswi Tenneti)