Minutes from 07/19/07 Conference Call

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1. Report from the recent OBI workshop held at NIH last week *Review of Meeting by Richard *Discussed Milestones at https://wiki.cbil.upenn.edu/obiwiki/index.php/Milestones *Items 6, 10, and 15 were most relevant for OCI part *OCI would be considered a Community under OBI 2. Discuss plans for OBI/OCI co-development *Question how best to continue development of OCI within the framework of OBI *How best to ensure the continued development of the OCI community *Importance of developing detailed Use Cases *Review the list of terms to determine what is missing in OBI and identify those Branches where terms need to be developed *OCI group will work in parallel to assemble complete term lists and develop proposed ontology structure under high level OBI core *OCI terms and structures will then be contributed to OBI branches for incorporation *Need for a User Friendly view of the OCI specific terms as a subset of the OBI terms 3. Proposal for a transnational collaboration from Matthias Samwald, Medical University of Vienna *Agreed that it was important for the OCI development to be a part of this proposal *Richard will formulate a letter of agreement to Matthias for his grant proposal which will be submitted on Monday, July 23. *Matthias will send info to Richard. *Christian has agreed to be the liaison to this project for OCI community

Next TC will be the cDISC and BRIDG presentations scheduled *Aug 2 at 11 central Bron Kisler will give a presentation about the CDISC Terminology Program *Aug 10 at 11 central Doug Fridsma will give a presentation bout BRIDG and its relationship with the NCI Enterprise Vocabulary System (EVS)

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