Minutes from 07/19/07 Conference Call

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Next TC will be the cDISC and BRIDG presentations schedule

  • Aug 2 at 11 central Bron Kisler will give a presentation about the CDISC Terminology Program
  • Aug 10 at 11 central Doug Fridsma will give a presentation bout BRIDG and its relationship with the NCI Enterprise Vocabulary System (EVS)

  1. Report from the recent OBI workshop held at NIH last week
    1. Review of Meeting by Richard
    1. Discussed Milestones at https://wiki.cbil.upenn.edu/obiwiki/index.php/Milestones
    1. Items 6, 10, and 15 were most relevant for OCI part
    1. OCI would be considered a Community under OBI
  1. Discuss plans for OBI/OCI co-development
    1. Question how best to continue development of OCI within the framework of OBI
    1. How best to ensure the continued development of the OCI community
    1. Importance of developing detailed Use Cases
    1. Review the list of terms to determine what is missing in OBI and identify those Branches where terms need to be developed
    1. OCI group will work in parallel to assemble complete term lists and develop proposed ontology structure under high level OBI core
    1. OCI terms and structures will then be contributed to OBI branches for incorporation
    1. Need for a User Friendly view of the OCI specific terms as a subset of the OBI terms
  1. Proposal for a transnational collaboration from Matthias Samwald, Medical University of Vienna
    1. Agreed that it was important for the OCI development to be a part of this proposal
    1. Richard will formulate a letter of agreement to Matthias for his grant proposal which will be submitted on Monday, July 23.
    1. Matthias will send info to Richard.
    1. Christian has agreed to be the liaison to this project for OCI community
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