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Workshop on the Relationship Ontology


The National Center for Biomedical Ontology will host a two-day workshop focused on the relationship between terms (classes) in ontologies.

The goals of this workshop are to develop the content of the relationship ontology. The agenda is still a work in progess, and topics discussed will depend on progress made in preliminary discussions which will be documented on this wiki. Possible areas for discussion are:

  1. What new relationships should be added to the RO: Current Proposals for new relations
    1. The relations that are required for anatomies and development (David O-S, Melissa H, Fabian N can you expand on this?)
    2. The relations that are required for describing phenotypic data (Chris can you expand on this?)
    3. The relations that are required for cross-products between anatomy and biological process
    4. The relations between macromolecular entities described in the Molecular Interactions ontology "Interaction types" hierarchy.
    5. Idiosyncratic relationships in the FMA
    6. The Larry Hunter epistemic relations
    7. The Larry Hunter & Mike Bada relationships to ChEBI
  2. To consolidate the methodology for doing so

Draft Agenda

Monday, May 19th 2008

8:30 Suzi Lewis: Logistics and protocols

8:45 Introductions: why you attended, background and expertise

9:00 Barry Smith (moderator): Discussion of methodology for creating new relations (e.g. some-part question)

10:00 break

10:30 (continued) Discussion of methodology for creating new relations (e.g. all-some question)

11:30 Set priorities and ordering of the listed discussion topics.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Discussion of topics

15:00 break

15:30 Discussion of topics

17:30 Done for the day

19:30 dinner

Tuesday, May 20th 2008

8:30 Discussion of topics

10:30 break

11:00 Discussion of topics

12:00 lunch

1:30 Discussion of topics

2:30 Suzi Lewis: Summary of the meeting, action items, resolutions, and future plans.

3:30 Departures


Monday and Tuesday, May 19-20, 2008


University of Colorado Medical School

This meeting will take place on the Anschutz medical Campus of the University of Colorado at Denver, probably in room 204 of the Nighthorse Campbell building.

Fly in to the Denver International Airport.

A good nearby hotel is the East Denver Drury Inn. It's not walking distance, but it is the closest decent hotel and we will work to arrange carpools if necessary. If you are driving yourself, you will need visitor parking information.

If you need advice or want to talk to someone regarding logistics, email Kathy Thomas and mention the Relation Ontology expert meeting in May.

Invited Participants


  1. Mike Bada (host / Denver, CO)
  2. Tanya Berardini (TAIR / Stanford, CA)
  3. Bill Bug (BIRN / San Diego, CA)
  4. Werner Ceusters (ORG / Buffalo, NY)
  5. Wasila Dahdul (NESCENT)
  6. Melissa Haendel (ZFIN / Eugene, OR)
  7. David Hill (MGD / Bar Harbor, ME)
  8. Larry Hunter (host / Denver, CO)
  9. Suzi Lewis (NCBO / Berkeley, CA)
  10. Chris Mungall (Flybase / Berkeley, CA)
  11. Fabian Neuhaus (NIST / Washington, DC)
  12. David Osumi-Sutherland (FlyBase / Cambridge, UK)
  13. Cornelius Rosse (FMA / Seattle, WA)
  14. Alan Ruttenberg (Science Commons / Cambridge, MA)
  15. Nigam Shah (NCBO / Stanford, CA)
  16. Barry Smith (NCBO / Buffalo, NY)


  1. Thomas Bittner (ORG / Buffalo, NY)
  2. Waclaw Kusnierczyk (Bergen, Norway)

Background Material

Relation Ontology Home

Current Proposals for new relations

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