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General Information and Registration

The National Center for Biomedical Ontology will host a two-day meeting focused on the Phenotype and Trait Ontology (PATO) December 1-2, 2006 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.

Register here.




Minutes [Media: Updated Meeting Minutes]


Day 1 presentations

Gully Burns: Ontology engineering approaches based on semi-automated curation of the primary literature Media:GullyBurns.ppt

Alexander Garcia: The use of concept maps and automatic terminology extraction during development of a domain ontology: Lessons learnt Media:AlexanderGarcia.ppt

Adrien Coulet: Suggested ontology for pharmacogenomics (SO-Pharm): modular construction and preliminary testing Media:Adrien Coulet.pdf

Tina Hernandez-Broussard: Challenges for representing phenotype in pharmacogenomics Media:TinaHernandez.ppt

James Reecy: A project for the Creation of a Unified Trait Vocabulary for Farm Animals Media:JamesReecy.ppt

Victoria Petri: Rat genome database disease portals: a platform for genetic and genomic research Media:VictoriaPetri.ppt

Carol A. Bastiani: WormBase phenotype ontology development, curation, and data integration Media:CarolBastiani.ppt

Janan Eppig: Ontologies and vocabularies supporting data integration: emphasis on mouse phenotypes and disease Media:JananEppig.ppt

Rex Chisholm: Phenotype curation tool and ontologies at dictyBase Media:RexChisholm.ppt

Minna Lehvaslaiho: HIV Media:MinnaLehvaslaiho.ppt

Eurie Hong: Yeast Media:EurieHong.ppt

Tanya Berardini: Arabidopsis Media:TanyaBerardini.ppt

Christopher Smith: Insect behavior Media:ChristopherSmith.ppt

Michael Ashburner: Drosophila (live demo, no slides)

Maryann Martone: BIRN

Jim Balhoff: NESCENT Media:JimBalhoff.pdf

Day 2 presentations Chris Mungall Media:ChrisMungall.ppt

Monte Westerfield Media:MonteWesterfield.ppt


Stanford University Clark Center, room S360

Directions to Stanford Medical Center

Map of Stanford Medical Center--see "C", Clark Center

Directions on taking Free Marguerite Shuttle Bus--take Line A to Medical Center


We aren't reserving a block of rooms anywhere, but these local hotels are close by and have Stanford shuttle service.