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URI Requirements

Basic functional URI requirements

  1. Provide persistent URIs for all content in BioPortal terminologies and ontologies
  2. All URIs will contain the version info for the terminology so that new terminology releases do not invalidate older URIs (ie, no URI ever disappears).
  3. All URIs provided by NCBO will have a base format of ""
  4. The URI will contain the version number of the terminology/ontology so that NCBO provides unique URIs for every term in every version.
  5. Enable people to refer to a URI that always points to the most current version of a term

Future URI requirements

  1. Add a link between URIs of different versions of the same term (in doing so have a "linked list" representing the history). This is purely additive so this will not affect the task of making URIs unique and persistent per version.



Load scripts to incorporate SNOMED and ICD into BioPortal and add newly submitting ontologies to LexGrid

Ontology alignment (Show mappings of terms in different ontologies)

Basic ontology diff (compare ontology versions)

Critical enhancements to BioPortal 1.0

UVIC Jambalaya applet for advanced ontology visualization

Ontology Marginal Notes

Integrate Degree of Interest Models into BioPortal