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The Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Robotique et de Microélectronique de Montpellier (LIRMM) has announced the release of AgroPortal beta versions 1.0 and 1.1, for ontologies in agronomy and plant sciences.


AgroPortal is an ontology repository dedicated to the agronomic and plant domains. The platform reuses the NCBO BioPortal infrastructure and customizes it. It includes many ontologies which come from external users, the NCBO BioPortal, or driving agronomic use-cases. Some of the driving use cases are:

  • IBC Rice Genomics & AgroLD project: rice data integration & linked RDF data from a variety of plant resources and ontologies (contact: P. Larmande)
  • RDA Wheat Data Interoperability working group: a common framework for describing, representing, linking and publishing wheat data with respect to open standards (contact: E. Dzalé-Yeumo)
  • INRA Linked Open Vocabularies: vocabularies produced or co-produced by INRA scientists (contacts: E. Dzalé-Yeumo & P. Buche)
  • The Crop Ontology project: a set of ontologies developed to compile validated concepts/relations on anatomy, structure and phenotype of Crops. (contacts: E. Arnaud & M-A. Laporte)

The platform obtains the following features, and many others, with the BioPortal installation:

  • Store ontology metadata
  • Search within ontologies
  • Store and retrieve mappings between ontologies
  • Visualize ontology content
  • Comment about ontologies, concepts and mappings
  • Annotate text data with ontology concepts
  • Get a recommendation about which ontology use for a text corpus or set of keywords
  • Store projects which use ontologies

In addition the organization expects to provide new features. New features already provided include:

  • Slides, to show a subset of ontologies for particular topics like crop, agreed, wheat, and AgroPortal-local ontologies
  • Mappings to other portals (like BioPortal) and external ontologies
  • Multi-relation mappings
  • Annotations scoring and RDF outputs

The main objective of the AgroPortal project is to enable straightforward use of agronomic related ontologies, avoiding data managers and researchers the burden to deal with complex knowledge engineering issues. The goal is a “one-stop-shop” for ontologies that will arise awareness, avoid duplicated efforts, and foster adoption of common practices.

Contact Clement Joquet (jonquet at or for more information.

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