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Before using the BioPortal SPARQL service please read our SPARQL_Release_Notes_And_Usage_Policy


Web Interface and Query Examples

There is a Web interface to test SPARQL queries at

Also, interactive examples can be tested at the following page

Submitting SPARQL queries programmatically

A github project contains examples to query our SPARQL service programmatically:

A tarball with these examples is for download here:

This project contains examples in Java, Python, JavaScript and Perl. Some of the examples use just language built-in capabilities and other need third-party libraries like Jena, Sesame or SPARQLWrapper. The github project and the tarball are self-contained, no need to download and install extra libraries.

To run these examples or any other SPARQL queries programmatically an API key from BioPortal is required. If you do not have a BioPortal account go to [New Account] and create one. Once you have the BioPortal account, login in BioPortal and go to your account details. You should see your API Key as part of your account profile.

Database Named Graph Structure


Preferred Names, Synonyms and other common predicates


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