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The [http://www.bioontology.org/ National Center for Biomedical Ontology] will organize an ontology Tutorial and Workshop,  tentatively planned for spring 2012. The Tutorial will provide an introduction to ontology for beginners, focusing on the needs of CTSA clinical scientists. The Workshop will provide an opportunity for those involved in ontology-related projects across the CTSA Consortium to review what has been achieved thus far and consider plans for the future.
'''Tutorial Day 0'''
'''Introduction to Ontology for Non-Experts'''
'''Workshop Day 1'''
'''Major Ontology Initiatives within the CTSA Consortium'''
:Chris Chute (Mayo): Data Governance and Normalization within the Mayo Clinic Enterprise
:Jessica Tennenbaum (Duke): Remarks on Genetics Ontologies 
:William Hogan (Arkansas) and Werner Ceusters (Buffalo): Referent Tracking and Demographic Data Ontology
:Shawn Murphy (Partners): i2b2-Specific Ontologies
:Richard Scheuermann and Lindsay Cowell (Dallas): Building an Ontology-Based Clinical Data Warehouse
:Possibly also: OCRe (for clinical research), Permissions Ontology (for consent; owned by Jihad Obeid at Medical University of South Carolina)
'''Workshop Day 2'''
'''EHR, Ontology and Interoperability'''
:Presentations by EHR vendors
:Rob Wynden (UCSF): The Health Ontology Mapper (HOM).
'''Next Steps'''
:How can we measure the value brought by ontology-based approaches?
:How can we ensure high-quality and high-value approaches?
:How can we promote a consistent approach across the CTSA consortium?

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