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This page lists materials shared among members of NCBO

NCBO Documents

Public Requirements

Collaboration Plan

Center Overview 5-page document

NCBO Brochure

NCBO Developer Documentation

OBO Foundry

NCBO Policies and Guidelines

Citing the Center

Acknowledgements in NCBO Papers

PowerPoint Presentations

Project meeting March 2006 Talks

AMIA 2005 Talks

  1. Mark Musen slides
  2. Chris Chute slides
  3. Barry Smith slides
  4. Suzi Lewis slides

CSH Talks

  1. Suzi Lewis slides

NCOR Talks

  1. Suzi Lewis slides

Phenotype November 2005 Talks

  1. Monte Westerfield slides
  2. Rachel Drysdale slides
  3. Chris Mungall slides

Phenotype December 2005 Talks

SMI Talk

NIH Kickoff Meeting Talks Dec 2005


NIH Dissemination Event July 2006

PATO meeting May 2006, Hinxton

Berkeley-Stanford July 10 meeting

ZFin early August 2006 meeting

CARO September 2006 meeting