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==NCBO Dissemination Core==
== Events ==
What follows is a list of events organized under the auspices of the NCBO's Dissemination Core (PI: [http://ontology.buffalo.edu/smith Barry Smith]), together with information pertaining to events relevant to the NCBO's mission.
The following lines contain links to archival event documentation. NCBO is no longer routinely sponsoring community events.
*'''[[Meetings and Events | Cumulative List of NCBO Events from 2005 to 2015]]'''
'''Feb 28-March 1, 2006'''
*'''[http://www.bioontology.org/webinar-series Past webinar presentations and recordings]
[http://www.bioontology.org/wiki/index.php/BIRN_Ontology_workshop BIRN Ontology Workshop], Stanford University
== Educational Documents, Video and Audio Presentations ==
'''March 24-25, 2006'''
* Educational materials created and supplied by the NCBO are available [http://www.bioontology.org/learning-about-ontologies here]
[[Workshop on Ontology of Images]], Stanford University
* For video and audio presentations of NCBO dissemination and training events see: [[Ontology Training: Video and Audio Presentations]]
'''May 21-24, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/os2/index.html Training Course in Biomedical Ontology], Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany
'''September 8-9, 2006'''
[[Anatomy Ontology Workshop]], Seattle
'''November 6-7, 2006'''
[[Workshop on Ontology of Diseases]], Baltimore
'''November 30-December 2, 2006'''
[[PATO Meeting]] Stanford University Clark Center
'''May 16-17, 2007'''
[[Workshop on Clinical Trial Ontology]], Bethesda, MD
'''June 20-23, 2007'''
[http://www.ifomis.uni-saarland.de/Events/OntospringIII.html Training Course on Logical and Computational Tools for Biomedical Ontology Development, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.]
'''July 21, 2007'''
[[Ontologies for Biomedicine – How to make and use them]], Tutorial by Barry Smith and Nigam Shah at ISMB 2007
== Related Events ==
'''July 19, 2006'''
[http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ahm2006/ncbo_dissemination.htm Ontology: A Vision for the Future and Its Realization], National Institutes of Health NCBC All-Hands Meeting, Bethesda MD.
*[[Media:Musen AHM Dissemination Event.pdf|Musen Slides]]
*[http://obofoundry.org/Smith_OBOFoundry_071906.ppt Smith Slides]
'''August 6, 2006'''
[http://ismb2006.cbi.cnptia.embrapa.br/ Keynote Address by Suzanna Lewis], ISMB 2006.
*[[Media:Lewis ISMB 2006 Keynote CSB.pdf|Lewis Slides]]
'''August 15, 2006'''
[http://www.lifesciencessociety.org/CSB2006/Abstracts/musenAbstract.pdf Keynote Address by Mark Musen], CSB 2006, Stanford 1:30-2:30pm.
*[[Media:Musen Keynote CSB.pdf|Musen Slides]]
'''August 27, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/MIE_Tutorial.htm Tutorial on Standards and Ontologies], Medical Informatics Europe, Maastricht, Netherlands.
'''October 14-15, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/pob Workshop on Philosophy of Biology], Buffalo.
'''October 25, 2006'''
How to Build an Ontology. Tutorial by Barry Smith at NCBO project meeting
*[[Media:BarrySmithTutorialNCBO.ppt | Smith Slides]]
*Windows Media Player: rtsp://stream.buffalo.edu/shared/research/phismith/Stanford10-25-06/Tutorial.WMV
*RealOne Player Streaming Video: rtsp://stream.buffalo.edu/shared/research/phismith/Stanford10-25-06/Tutorial.rm
'''November 8, 2006'''
[http://www.imbi.uni-freiburg.de/medinf/kr-med-2006/index.html Biomedical Ontology in Action], KR-MED 2006, Baltimore.
'''November 11, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/Biomedical_Imaging_Ontologies.pdf Biomedical Imaging Ontologies], AMIA, Washington DC
'''November 12, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/06/AMIAWorkshop.htm Genomics Knowledge Representation for Clinical Trials], AMIA, Washington DC
ISWC Workshop, Pathway Knowledge Base, Presentation by Nigam Shah
*[[Media:Nigam-PKB.ppt|Shah Slides]]
'''November 14, 2006'''
[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/panel.htm Panel on the Future of HL7], AMIA, Washington, 3.30-5.00pm.
*[http://www.org.buffalo.edu/RTU/papers/HL7-AMIA2006.ppt Ceusters Slides]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/AMIA_06_Audio/Ceusters.WMA Ceusters Audio]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/hl7/AMIA_06.ppt Smith Slides]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/HL7/AMIA_06_Audio/Smith.WMA Smith Audio]
AMIA Workshop, Formal Structuring of Genomics Knowledge, Presentations by Nigam Shah and Barry Smith
*[[Media:Nigam1.ppt|Shah Slides]]
*[http://ontology.buffalo.edu/ontology/medo/ClinicalTrialOntology/AMIA_Genome_Nov06.ppt Smith Slides]
Ontology-Driven Annotation of TMA Data, AMIA Presentation by Nigam Shah
*[[Media:Nigam2.ppt|Shah Slides]]
AMIA Tutorial on Ontologies by Mark Musen
*[[Media:Musen-AMIA2006.ppt|Musen Slides]]
'''November 20-21, 2006'''
BioPAX Tutorial. [http://biopaxwiki.org/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/SmithWorkshopInformation exploratory workshop and tutorial] on '''Connecting BioPAX to Other Biomedical Ontologies''' at MIT.
'''December 21, 2006'''
Ontolog Forum Talk by Barry Smith on [http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRW3 Ontology Evaluation in Biomedicine]: The OBO Foundry -- A Gold Standard Approach to Ontology Evaluation.
*[http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRWB Smith Slides]
*[http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_12_21#nidRWQ Smith Audio]
'''January 29, 2007'''
Overview presentation of GO, NCBO, Phenotypes, and OBO Foundry by Suzi Lewis at the Ontologies for Biomedical Investigation Workshop, San Diego, CA
*[[Media:OverviewJan07LaJollaCJM.ppt|Slide Presentation]]

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The following lines contain links to archival event documentation. NCBO is no longer routinely sponsoring community events.

Educational Documents, Video and Audio Presentations

  • Educational materials created and supplied by the NCBO are available here