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'''[[Workshops and Training Events 2007]]'''
'''[[Workshops and Training Events 2007]]'''
== Workshops and Training Events 2007 ==
== Forthcoming Workshops and Training Events ==
'''Mar 27-30, 2007'''
[http://www.dagstuhl.de/de/programm/kalender/semhp/?semid=29453 Towards Interoperability of Biomedical Ontologies], Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.
'''May 16-17, 2007'''
[[Workshop on Clinical Trial Ontology]], Bethesda, MD
'''June 20-23, 2007'''
[http://www.ifomis.uni-saarland.de/Events/OntospringIII.html Training Course on Logical and Computational Tools for Biomedical Ontology Development, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.]
'''July 21, 2007'''
[[Ontologies for Biomedicine – How to make and use them]], Tutorial by Barry Smith and Nigam Shah at ISMB 2007
== Workshops and Training Events 2008 ==
'''April 12-13, 2008'''
'''April 12-13, 2008'''

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NCBO Dissemination

What follows is a list of events organized under the auspices of the NCBO's Dissemination Core (PI: Barry Smith), together with information pertaining to events relevant to the NCBO's mission.

NCBO Dissemination Workshops and Training Events

Workshops and Training Events 2006

Workshops and Training Events 2007

Forthcoming Workshops and Training Events

April 12-13, 2008

Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies, Buffalo, NY

June 20, 2008

Evolutionary Biology and Ontologies, Minneapolis, MN (collocated with Evolution 2008)

Related Events

Related Events 2007

January 29, 2007

Overview Presentation of GO, NCBO, Phenotypes, and OBO Foundry by Suzi Lewis at the Ontologies for Biomedical Investigation Workshop, San Diego, CA

July 15, 2007

Tutorial, Building and Applying Biomedical Ontologies, Budapest, Protégé Conference (Barry Smith)

July 22, 2007

Tutorial, Ontologies for Biomedicine, ISMB Conference, Vienna (Nigam Shah and Barry Smith)

September 19-20, 2007

Training Workshop on Infectious Disease Ontology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY (Lindsay Cowell and Barry Smith)

December 2-4, 2007

Protein Ontology Kick-Off Meeting (PRO), Georgetown University, Washington DC.