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With the explosion of information in the biomedical domain, it has become much harder for scientists to access knowledge and experimental data with rapidity and accuracy. The NCBO is currently developing products and solutions that will advance biology and medicine by enhancing the structured organization of knowledge and improving access to large repositories of biomedical knowledge and data.

• BioPortal 2.0 - Production – Browsing Biomedical Ontologies

• Open Biomedical Resources - In Development – Using Ontologies to Access Public Data

• Open Biomedical Annotator - In Development – Using Ontologies to Annotate Your Data

• Biomedical Annotation Repository (BAR) - In Development – Using Ontologies to Annotate Your Data

• UMLS Services - In Development – Embedding Our Services in Your Tools

• NCBO PURL Server - In Development – Providing URIs for Biomedical Concepts