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* [http://bmir.stanford.edu/pages/view.php/maps_and_information Maps]
* [http://bmir.stanford.edu/pages/view.php/maps_and_information Maps]
'''Date:''' '''April 29-30, 2013'''
'''Date:''' '''April 29-30, 2013'''  
Start time: 9:00am PDT
End time: 6:00pm PDT
'''Organization:''' [mailto:whetzel@stanford.edu Trish Whetzel] (NCBO / Stanford University)  
'''Organization:''' [mailto:whetzel@stanford.edu Trish Whetzel] (NCBO / Stanford University)  

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The National Center for Biomedical Ontology will hold a Hackathon as one of our Dissemination and Outreach events.

Venue: Stanford University

  • La Ka Shing Center Center for Learning, 291 Campus Drive, Rm LK005 (ground floor) Project Classroom, Stanford, CA 94305-5479
  • Maps

Date: April 29-30, 2013 Start time: 9:00am PDT End time: 6:00pm PDT

Organization: Trish Whetzel (NCBO / Stanford University)

Registration: Early registration is $25, but spots are limited so register soon!

The NCBO Hackathon will consist of two days of intensive hands-on sessions to facilitate the development of applications using NCBO Web services. We will devote extensive time to your software development project and will have presentations covering a range of topics from high-level application design to low-level coding. You will be able to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for applications
  • Discuss coding issues, performance tuning, and future development plans
  • Learn about the suite of NCBO Web services and how they are (and have been!) used in applications. Examples include access to ontologies, search, mappings, term proposals, text annotation, and biomedical resource search (the “Resource Index”)
  • Hear about the design of our RDF triple store and learn how to access the triple-store directly from your application using the SPARQL query language


  • Coming soon!



  • Based on participant interest


  • Robert Muller, TAIR/Carnegie Institution for Science
  • David Huang, Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Ketty Mobed, UCSF
  • Andrew Nguyen, BodyData Systems, Inc.
  • Sean Mooney, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Reza Alemy, Patesco
  • Sina Madani, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Colin Watanabe, Genentech
  • Oren Schaedel, Bionetbook
  • Marcus Breese, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Kevin Cohen, U. Colorado School of Medicine
  • Yongqun Oliver He, University of Michigan