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May 17-20, 2006

We will have a dinner together at Hinxton at 7:30 PM on Wednesday

We begin at 9AM each subsequent day, ending at lunchtime on Saturday

  1. PaTO itself:
    1. Motivation (CJM)
    2. The Ontology: PATO (CJM)
    3. OBD & using PATO for annotation (CJM)
    4. Recent activity (GG)
  2. Do we have all of the observable ontologies that we will need (MA)
  3. “Context.obo”, how should it be sub-divided (RD)
  4. General Annotation issues
    1. Creating compound observables on the fly during curation (CJM)
    2. OMIM annotation
  5. Phenote issues
    1. Current status (MG)
    2. Prioritizing next features to code up (all)
    3. Integration into FlyBase and ZFIN
    4. Pheno-XML