BioPortal 2.2 (Core 1017) Release Notes

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New Features

  • Ability to search by concept ids
  • Usage Logging
  • Ability to execute OBO Pull from multiple CVS repositories
  • New connection pooling properties to allow tracking and recovering of abandoned connections.
  • Performance optimization of the LexEVS API to scale better for large ontologies
  • UMLS ontologies to be loaded in BioPortal
  • New mapping service

Bug Fixes

  • System classes excluded from indexing (SWIRL namespace appearing in search results)
  • The strange “Algorith vs. Algorithm” search bug
  • Searching for words with special characters (-_‘:) yields no results (see Tracker #1275)
  • Searching using queries that contain stop words (a, the, an, of, and, or, in etc.) yields no results (see Tracker #1279)
  • Inability to retrieve root concepts for virtual ontologies
  • Fixed a bug that left orphan ontologies in the index when the last (or the only) version of a given ontology was deleted
  • Concepts with identical ids residing in different ontologies dropped from search results
  • Fixed log issues
  • Updated 404 error page to the current style
  • Updated the ontology metadata page to prevent truncating of Home, Documentation, and Publication Page URLs
  • Put in icon legend for tree
  • Fixed problem with metadata page where too long of strings caused the table to be out of whack
  • Fixed sorting of concepts when you jump into a path