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Adding Google Analytics to the BioPortal Appliance

Google developer account

The Google API to process our website data. Create an account at

  • Create an account
  • Generate credentials (p12 key & email) and save it for later
    • API Manager > Credentials > Add credentials > Service account
    • Note: default password of the p12 keys is notasecret
  • Enable Analytics API
    • API Manager > Overview > Advertising APIs > Analytics API
  • Copy p12 keys to the appliance (in the /srv directory for example)
    • Example: scp mybioportal-ffad56jdic91ky.p12 my_bioportal_va:/srv/

Google analytics account

Get our website data. Create an account at

  • Create an account
  • Add the "tracking ID" of this account in /srv/rails/BioPortal/current/config/bioportal_config_production.rb
    • Example: `$ANALYTICS_ID = "UA-63691424-3"`
  • Give permission to your developer credential (previously generated at the console.developer step) to be able to retrieve the data
    • Admin tab > Property (in general, it is the website your doing analytics on) > User Management
    • Add permissions for the google developer credential email (generated in the previous section)
  • Add in /srv/ncbo/ontologies_api/current/config/environments/appliance.rb & /srv/ncbo/ncbo_cron/config/appliance.rb

 LinkedData.config do |config|
  config.enable_ontology_analytics = true
 NcboCron.config do |config|
  config.enable_ontology_analytics = true
  config.cron_ontology_analytics   = "30 */4 * * *"
  # Google Analytics config
  config.analytics_service_account_email_address = "" # The email address you get when creating the google developer account
  config.analytics_path_to_key_file              = "/srv/agroportal-ffad56jdic91ky.p12" # you have to get this file from the first step
  config.analytics_profile_id                    = "ga:111821946" # replace with your ga view id
  config.analytics_app_name                      = "mybioportal"
  config.analytics_app_version                   = "1.0.0"
  config.analytics_start_date                    = "2015-10-01"
  config.analytics_filter_str                    = ""

Tests using API explorer

 id = ga:111821946
 start-date = 30daysAgo
 end-date = yesterday
 metrics = ga:pageviews
 dimensions = ga:pagePath,ga:year,ga:month

Removing Analytics from UI

  • In /srv/rails/BioPortal/current/app/views/home/index.html.haml add:

 display: none;
 %fieldset{style: "display: none;"}
   Ontology Visits #{"in full #{$SITE} " if at_slice?} (#{"%B %Y")})

  • In /srv/rails/BioPortal/current/app/views/ontologies/_visits.html.haml add:

 #visits_content{:style => "margin: 2em 1em 0;"}

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