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This document is part of a series of documents describing the representation of metadata in BioPortal

URIs and naming

Virtual URI for the metadata ontologies: we need a place for all these ontologies to reside and fix the URI in the ontologies

Referring to ontologies: we need a uniform way to refer to ontologies and concepts throughout (full URIs versus two properties, with one referring to the virtual ontology id, and the other referring to the version id).

Representations in the metadata ontology

Different types of marginal notes: For now, we are ignoring different types of marginal notes. We’ll get these for free though from the Protégé set of Annotation types.

Getting from marginal notes and reviews to the ontologies: in the current design, each review or annotation is associated with the version for each it was created. We need a fast way to assemble all reviews and notes, given the pointer to the latest version, or the pointer to the virtual ontology. The best way to do that is, probably, by adding a virtual ontology id to each annotation. Then retrieve by that id.