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Phenotype Ontology Content Workshop

Friday, November 18th 6:00 Arrivals, meet for dinner at Blackford Hall, revise agenda as needed

Saturday, November 19th 8:30 Introductions 9:00 Monte Westerfield Requirements and Goals for Z-fin 9:30 Rachel Drysdale Requirements and Goals for fly 10:00 Break 10:30 John Day-Richter Current OBO-Edit status 11:00 Chris Mungall Evaluation of PATO, architecture proposal 11:30 Topic 1 discussion 12:30 lunch 2:00 Topics 1-3 discussions 5:00 Dinner

Sunday, November 20th 9:00 Suzanna Lewis Summary of day 1 action items 9:30 Michael & Jonathan Best practices for annotation 10:00 Mark Musen cBiO collaborations 10:30 break 11:00 Topic 2 discussion 12:30 lunch 2:00 Topics 4 discussion 3:30 Suzanna Lewis Summary of action items

Topic 1: PATO structure & content discussion Re-evaluate modeling of phenotypes to ensure we are taking a viable approach. Take a good look at the "entity-attribute-value" model to consider potential flaws.

Topic 2: Selection of genes for evaluation phase Determine the algorithm that will be used to select the first 100 genes to annotate in the various organisms

Topic 3: Milestones Establish requirements for the annotation tool, and what will be the first deliverables.

Topic 4: Annotation methodology What measures can we take for quality control and establishing a Standard Operating Procedure.

Topic 5: Collaboration plans Plans for supporting affiliated R01 grantees.

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