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SO - Sequence Ontology

Welcome to the Sequence Ontology wiki.



The Sequence Ontology is currently hosted at:

The ontology terms can be browsed using miSO:

Request tracker

Term tracker:

Mail Lists

The developers mailing list:

Term rationale

The SO term rationale is an on going endeavour to provide explanations of the terms in the ontology. This will include links to the mailing list discussion of the terms, and the minutes of meetings etc.

SO Composite Terms

SO contains various pre-coordinated cross products, computable definitions that provide a coherent logical framework for composite terms in the ontology.

SO:Composite_Terms -- implementation details




SO workshop for plasmids, phages, transposons and other mobile elements. The workshop will be held at the Wellcome Trust Convention Centre, Hinxton, on September 18-19th 2006.


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